The right way to play freerolls

The right way to play freerolls

Oct 12, 2020 Casinos by LOUIS

The tournaments of poker free membership , also called freerolls, represent a great opportunity to เล่น สล็อต ให้ ได้ เงิน with the two cards no cost,

Not only that: thanks to the freerolls it is also possible to set aside a small capital for the game, or bankroll, which will allow you to make the jump to real money tournaments without having to touch your wallet .

Of course, building a capital for the game thanks to freerolls is not at all simple : constancy and dedication are essential, but for a long time they may not be enough. Tournaments to sign up free are usually very crowded players to novice .

The opponents average are different from those usually found in tournaments pay : let’s see what is the ideal way to play tournaments freeroll .

Understanding who the opponents are

In a game with incomplete information like poker, knowing how your opponents play at the table, at least in broad terms , is always of fundamental importance.

In freeroll tournaments this is perhaps even more true , because the average freeroll player has fairly standardized characteristics.

By identifying players of this type we will know better what is the optimal solution to be implemented .

Initial phase

In the early stages of free entry tournaments you can call raises in position with all pairs and suited connectors, particularly if there have already been several calls that increase the odds .

Flopping well you can find the double, without help on the board instead you will have to leave the hand immediately. This is because bluffing in the early stages of freerolls is absolutely not recommended for at least three good reasons.

  1. Given the depth of the stacks, there is no need to put survival at risk.
  2. Average freeroll players are curious, instead of trying to bluff them, try to get as many chips as possible from them when you have a good hand.
  3. The increase in chips brought about by a bluff early in the tournament does not change our expectations of winning in any way. Losing those chips on the other hand can get us into push / fold quickly.

Calling preflop in position with hands that can tie well with the board, however, is only recommended if there are no easy all-in players at the table .

In fact, in freeroll tournaments there are many players who, from the very first game levels, happily push all their chips in the middle.

If you happen to be at a table with many players of this type, you need to tighten the ranges. If the freeroll allows re-entries, you can consider calling with pairs from Ten-Up and A-Js +. Otherwise, if you want to play to get to the prizes, even tighter.

Intermediate phase

When the blinds increase and the relationship with the stacks decreases, the deadmoney begins to be consistent and therefore it is advisable to increase the frequency of raises from late position in unopened pots (i.e. in which the players who spoke before us have all opted for the fold) to try to steal the blinds .

Also in this phase it is of capital importance to understand who the players are at the table, in particular those on the left: if they are happy it is advisable to tighten the raising ranges to be ready to call any all-in (or go all-in on any tribet ).

Final stage

Getting to the final stage of a freeroll can give you great satisfaction. Here too, to understand the best possible approach, it is advisable to have an idea of ​​the opponents’ style of play.

On the other hand, we will be able to put pressure in turn, particularly on those players who are fearful of the prizes or who in turn demonstrate that they can consider the economic value of decisions at this point in the freeroll.

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