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JEES.,   Volume(1) - Issue(1), 2015
pp 34-42,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djeee.org/2015011004

Efficient Automatic Irrigation and Fertilizer Control System

P Jagatheeswari ;B. J Josna


The design of wireless network based on global system of mobile communication is used to improve irrigation, water use efficiency, reduce cost of irrigation using water and to add fertilizer for crops by automatic irrigation and fertilizer control method. Temperature sensors and humidity sensors are used to measure and analyze the humidity and temperature near the field. A microcontroller takes the output data of both sensors to automatically control the irrigation. Farmers can update the humidity and temperature using the GSM network and control the irrigation manually too. The automatic fertilizer system provides fertilizer along with the water as per the required volume. Hardware implementation shows that the embedded control technologies perform complete intelligent irrigation in order to use water efficiently.


Global system of mobile communication (GSM), Humidity sensors, Fertilizers, Temperature sensor, Microcontroller.

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