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JEES.,   Volume(2) - Issue(2), 2016
pp 24-31,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djeee.org/2016021003

Bio-Metric Attendance System using Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

P. A Manoharan;P Mohan Reddy, S Akash


Biometric technology that involves the identification and verification of individuals by analysing the human fingerprint characteristics has been widely used in various aspects of life for different purposes. Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication refers to the automated method of verifying a match between the human fingerprints in the database. The analysis of fingerprints for matching purposes generally requires the comparison of several features of the print pattern. Characteristics of biometric patterns, such as ridges and minutia points are unique features found within the patterns. In this research work we have designed and developed an automated biometric attendance system (BAS). BAS records attendance electronically with the help of a fingerprint sensor and all the records are stored in a computer server. Fingerprint processing has three primary functions of enrolment, searching and verification. Among these functions, enrolment, which captures fingerprint image from the sensor, plays an important role. Authentication ensured using fingerprints results in searching and verifying process. On identification, employee’s attendance record is updated in the database and he/she is notified through LCD screen. The manual time consuming system is replaced by an automated system. We have developed a BAS proto type model and validated for its functionality and redundancy for thirty employees for a period of one month.


Biometric technology, Fingerprint recognition, Fingerprint sensor, Attendance record, Automated system, IoT, RFID.

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