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JEES.,   Volume(2) - Issue(2), 2016
pp 12-23,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djeee.org/2016021002

Voltage Control of a STATCOM using Posicast and P+Resonant Controller at a Fixed Speed Induction Generator Wind Farm

R Lal Raja Singh;R Leena Rose, J Chinnu


This paper investigates the operation of a Fixed-Speed Induction Generator (FSIG) wind farm by connecting it with a STATCOM to control the positive and the negative-sequence voltage in case of any faults in the grid and relates the effect of wind turbine behaviour. The positive and the negative sequence voltage lead to either an increase in the voltage stability of the wind farm or reduction of torque ripple which further increases the lifetime of the generator driver train. It also proposes a multiloop controller using posicast and P+Resonant controllers to improve the transient response thereby eliminating the steady-state error in STATCOM response. It also handles the disturbances in load voltage and the three-phase circuit fault caused by FSIG wind farm, limits the downstream fault current to restore the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) voltage and protects the wind farm from other disturbances.


FSIG, STATCOM, Torque ripple, Posicast, P+Resonant, PCC.

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