Big and Small Blind Strategy: When words are also important in poker

Big and Small Blind Strategy: When words are also important in poker

Sep 3, 2020 Casinos by LOUIS

How important is play in the big and small blinds? A lot. So much so that it has created a long debate over the years. Between “ defensiveists ” and “ strikers ” Over the last decade, the literature dedicated to poker has also seen an increase in chapters and books dedicated to this delicate aspect.

From whatever point you look at the speech, one thing is certain: the play from the blinds does and will still talk a lot. David Bass has recently tried to give a clearer idea of ​​the situation. For those unfamiliar with him, Bass is a well-known cash game pro beyond the ocean and since 2012 he has started publishing articles and books on No Limit Hold’em .

The stars and stripes player in his latest article tries to shed some light on the game from the blinds and sets three goals for this particular strategy. Let’s see how.

Words are important

According to David Bass for too many years we have been used to putting up with incorrect terms about playing from the blinds. For example, the American emphasizes the term defend. “ Defending risks becoming something passive in the players’ heads. Defending is no longer folding , but for many it has become calling any two cards . If playing out of position is already somewhat problematic, let alone when we call from the big blind or with a marginal hand and without a specific plan for the post flop “.

So here’s Bass’s solution. Perhaps trivial for some, but very precise in its line. “ We must learn to replace the term defend with attack . Only then can we avoid falling into complete passivity and at the same time shake up our game. By attacking I obviously mean 3bet . 3bet is becoming more and more taboo from the blinds. But it is the best weapon in that situation. Obviously it should not be used randomly. We have to set ourselves three goals when we 3 bet “

The triple mission

According to David Bass, the first goal to be achieved with 3bet from the big blinds is to let the rival who raised. “ 3bet is synonymous with strength . Therefore, a play that somehow cannot go unnoticed, especially by those who have opened the game. The most classic situation is the raise from late position and a clear 3bet from the big blind : probably our opponent, in the absence of a real hand, will be forced to show the white flag. A 3bet from the blinds often gives us several chips , without having to play with the disadvantage of being out of position post flop ”. 

The second objective, for the American player, concerns having a strong hand . “ 3bet doesn’t always have to be done in white. Indeed, the more important our hand range is, the better it will be if our rival decides to call . We will have good reason to continue to bet in post flop : sometimes we will improve our hand, sometimes we will have on the flop projects. In short, 3bet yes, but with something important in hand. Attacking does not mean breaking down “. 

Finally, the third objective concerns the psychological aspect of the game. “ 3bet is synonymous with strength. But above all, it’s a kind of coded message to your rivals . 3betting also means not being willing to be trampled by your opponents and by 3betting you are sending out that very warning. You are not willing to let yourself eat the stack all the time. A message that will be received by the other players at the table ”.

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