The game-winning principles for casino players

The game-winning principles for casino players

The game-winning principles for casino players:

A casino game is one of the famous entertainments among every country even people are addicted to the game euwin casino. Also, some people do not know the features, rules, and regulations of the game fully. It may lead them to lose many games so do not be the same just learn and understand the terms and conditions of the game before playing. Your attitude will decide your game result because it is the key for every player. Even your winning result is based on the way you are handling your gaming situation. There are some principles to play casino games and here it is. 

Generally, three principles help you to win big in casinos. The first one does not take it as just a game because it is a source for gives you money in the way of gaming. If you want to be consistent in casino winning you should observe basic tips and be the one who takes everything simple whatever it may be win or loss. The second one does not mind about your runs and wins just keep these things aside. If you want to be a good gambler then develop your patience and problem-solving skills more than wagering skills. The third one is when you gamble with the realistic goal then the door will open for you. So use that opportunity wisely than anyone. If you have more luck then you can win the jackpot using these three principles so make use of it. 

A Guide to Winning Regularly When Gambling at the Casino

Top five casino games for the new players:

Everyone is once a beginner so does not worry if you do not have any idea about the casino Victory996. There is always an opening slot for everyone so choosing the best one is the only thing you have to do. Many players are confused to choose the game that suits their mentality. It is the easiest one for experienced players but beginners have no idea about the types of casino games. The major casino games played by most of the players are slot games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Also, poker has so many types like video poker and 3D poker. So if you are a beginner choose something from these games. And keep one thing that does not be sad if you lost in your first game just keep going. 

One tip for every beginner is to choose the blackjack game for your first attempt because it has the best odds of winning. And its house edge is just one percent at the same time you are playing against just one opponent so you have more time to apply any strategy to win and no one will disturb you. Then blackjack has forty-nine percent odds of winning, roulette has fifty percent, wheel of fortune has twenty to forty percent, and poker winning percentage may vary it depends on the casino agent. So the tip to win a casino using small money is setting a budget and wager within it.

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Complete Your Desire Of Becoming Millionaire By Playing Online Lottery Game

Mega Millions: The world may never know who won a $202 million lottery  jackpot. That's probably a good thing - CNN

There are many formats in lottery games like the winning amount could be cash or commodity. However, the organizer of these online lottery games คา สิ โน ออ น ไล winbet Thai could incur losses if sufficient tickets are not sold. Most of the time the amount for the winner is fixed receipts percentage. Fifty percent of the fund collected in the lottery is given as price money to the winner. There is also a lottery game that provides buyers with the opportunity of choosing their numbers. This advantage to buyers results in many winners as the numbers selected could be the same. 

What is the difference between the lottery and lotto betting? - On Tap  BlogOn Tap Blog

Tricks for lottery games

It is not very common to understand the trick for improving your chances of winning millions for you by playing the online lottery, although there are people who understand these tricks and thus ensure the chances which could bring millions to them. The first trick you need to learn is to learn to predict the results of the lottery game, that what number will win millions. When you adopt the idea of the best prediction of the result, this will multiply your chances of winning the jackpot which is based on the numbers of your lottery ticket. 

There are no sure and certain tricks that could help you in winning the lottery. As proven by science that there are no certain tricks in-game of a lottery as this is a luck game. There is no better way or the worst way in this fate game, you can win by writing more numbers on your lottery ticket or loose also. The amount of hope which one has is the biggest asset as a lottery game sees nothing but your fate.


How to predict a better outcome?

The most suitable way of predicting the right numbers is by not setting fixed parameters of mathematics but by developing a system that is based on randomness. There is also a trick which is based on predictions by sophisticated software which is based on the numbers which have won in past lotteries.

There is a most common and frequently asked question that how to grab a million pot by lottery? Well if we notice and retrace history then we could easily notice that the millionaires of lotteries depended on their luck and nothing else. Luck in the lottery game could act as a quantifier method of fewer numbers versus more numbers. The dependency on luck will increase your probability of winning and will help you get the winning amount.

Though playing with more numbers will help you increase chances to win the lottery but on the other hand, it will cost you more, as you have to pay extra on lottery tickets. But if you don’t want to risk your own money for the entire ticket then you can easily collect the numbers of money from many people and hence could share the whole winning amount too. This is the most common pattern noticed in winners as they buy more numbers so their probability becomes better for winning the lottery. Thus it is very easy to understand that if you want bright chances of winning always buy more numbers on your ticket. On the contrary, this is a pure luck game so winning and losing can never be predicted with a guarantee. With the same parameter, you could win the game for once and lose the game in second.

Thus for very bright chances, bigger investments are required.


Poker Guide – The Continuation Bet

After evaluating the situation at the Flop and sifting through the many general possibilities, we begin to evaluate the individual arrows possible for ours, starting with what is probably one of the most used actions in that phase: the Continuation betting indonesia.

A relatively simple solution, which however involves many evaluations on many variables. While it is indeed true that it is certainly a very useful strategy judi qq terpercaya, it is equally true that one must carefully evaluate when to do it and when it is not the best time.

What is a Continuation Bet

The Continuation Bet (C-Bet) is basically the action that takes place on the flop by the person who raised preflop. It is therefore a ” continuation ” with respect to the action of the previous road.

Originally the C-bet was mainly designed to take home a few pots even when the flop was not a friend. But just to avoid being easily identifiable, it is actually used with a mix of situations in order to make it impossible to perfectly understand if we are betting in “semi-bluff” (ie we had a strong hand that did not find help from the flop) or by “value-bet” (ie by value knowing that you still have the best hand).

When to make a C-Bet

The continuation bet is certainly a very useful weapon to use, but as mentioned it is not possible to do it “always”. Not only because we would become very predictable, but above all because there are situations in which it is not profitable at all.

How many opponents are in play?

If after our preflop raise, we still find ourselves with many opponents on the flop, that is a first alarm bell about using the C-Bet frequently . In the meantime, because if we are many in the shot, the pot will presumably be bigger and therefore our stake must also be higher (so we are increasing the risk). And on top of that it will be extremely likely that a couple will follow us anyway, especially if we are playing at low levels where giving up is not that easy for many.

Likewise, these same two characteristics can then prove to be perfect conditions for taking home big pots against players too inclined to follow the action. The same ones who also very often fold on the Turn when the second continuous bet arrives. To be evaluated well in these cases, the opponent in front of us and above all the cards that have come out on the pot.

Is the board very “connected”?

One of the situations we need to be careful about before choosing whether to use the C-Bet or not, is to better evaluate the flop . In fact, it is important to understand well not only how much those cards could have helped our point (or rather, what the opponent could perceive of our opening “range”), but when those same cards could have helped the other players present in the but no.

In fact, after our initial opening in preflop, if no one has raised against us it is likely that there may be many broadway hands around (the various figures and tens to be clear), or some good hands for draws (10-9; 8-9 and various suited cards of the same suit), or maybe a couple.

Seeing a very ” connected ” flop come down (that is, with many valid cards to build or conclude the various straight or flush draws) is a danger signal, because there could be many who have tied something and therefore want to follow one of our bet (when not really to raise it).

What kind of opponent do I have in front of me?

Even when all our evaluations lead us to think that we can bet in C-Bet, we must also think carefully about who our opponent is. We have already said in fact that in the low levels we often find ourselves facing the classic “calling stations” (players who constantly call bets to follow their projects), against which we can adapt our strategy.

But there is also another category of opponents who could make our life even more difficult. As we know, in fact, that aggression is always a useful solution, it also applies to others. When we are facing a very aggressive player then, we will have to balance the number of our C-Bets even better, especially when we have a really good point and we want him to hold the action (devaluing the perception of our strength and pushing him to attack us).


How much to bet in C-Bet?

If after all, we find that it is a good opportunity to go out in the episode, then the last question to ask is about the size of the episode itself. Here the possibilities are different and also this time depend on different factors.

As we said, depending on the opponent we can evaluate whether to raise or lower the value of the C-Bet with respect to our intentions and what we think the opponent will do. In our “ABC” game however, a classic C-Bet is generally made on the half pot value.

Which can become three quarters, or a third, depending on whether we want to push to fold or entice someone to make us pay by staying in the hand.

The right way to play freerolls

The tournaments of poker free membership , also called freerolls, represent a great opportunity to เล่น สล็อต ให้ ได้ เงิน with the two cards no cost,

Not only that: thanks to the freerolls it is also possible to set aside a small capital for the game, or bankroll, which will allow you to make the jump to real money tournaments without having to touch your wallet .

Of course, building a capital for the game thanks to freerolls is not at all simple : constancy and dedication are essential, but for a long time they may not be enough. Tournaments to sign up free are usually very crowded players to novice .

The opponents average are different from those usually found in tournaments pay : let’s see what is the ideal way to play tournaments freeroll .

Understanding who the opponents are

In a game with incomplete information like poker, knowing how your opponents play at the table, at least in broad terms , is always of fundamental importance.

In freeroll tournaments this is perhaps even more true , because the average freeroll player has fairly standardized characteristics.

By identifying players of this type we will know better what is the optimal solution to be implemented .

Initial phase

In the early stages of free entry tournaments you can call raises in position with all pairs and suited connectors, particularly if there have already been several calls that increase the odds .

Flopping well you can find the double, without help on the board instead you will have to leave the hand immediately. This is because bluffing in the early stages of freerolls is absolutely not recommended for at least three good reasons.

  1. Given the depth of the stacks, there is no need to put survival at risk.
  2. Average freeroll players are curious, instead of trying to bluff them, try to get as many chips as possible from them when you have a good hand.
  3. The increase in chips brought about by a bluff early in the tournament does not change our expectations of winning in any way. Losing those chips on the other hand can get us into push / fold quickly.

Calling preflop in position with hands that can tie well with the board, however, is only recommended if there are no easy all-in players at the table .

In fact, in freeroll tournaments there are many players who, from the very first game levels, happily push all their chips in the middle.

If you happen to be at a table with many players of this type, you need to tighten the ranges. If the freeroll allows re-entries, you can consider calling with pairs from Ten-Up and A-Js +. Otherwise, if you want to play to get to the prizes, even tighter.

Intermediate phase

When the blinds increase and the relationship with the stacks decreases, the deadmoney begins to be consistent and therefore it is advisable to increase the frequency of raises from late position in unopened pots (i.e. in which the players who spoke before us have all opted for the fold) to try to steal the blinds .

Also in this phase it is of capital importance to understand who the players are at the table, in particular those on the left: if they are happy it is advisable to tighten the raising ranges to be ready to call any all-in (or go all-in on any tribet ).

Final stage

Getting to the final stage of a freeroll can give you great satisfaction. Here too, to understand the best possible approach, it is advisable to have an idea of ​​the opponents’ style of play.

On the other hand, we will be able to put pressure in turn, particularly on those players who are fearful of the prizes or who in turn demonstrate that they can consider the economic value of decisions at this point in the freeroll.

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How Online Casino Impacted The Gambling Industry

A reliable way of gameplay on the online casino:

Nowadays online gaming is proven with the reliable way by the reviews and most visited players.  The greatest internet helps players most. Due to the largest expectations, the casino game is played. The best important fans of games are helped more for best improvements. The player’s expectations are satisfied more in gambling. According to the survey, very famous casino websites are offering more popular software. The developers are designed with well-known gaming features with quality services. Here the security standards are followed with the serious conditions. So, no player is affected with the payment issues. All problems are verified and involved in the best testing. So, the player can play safely. And then the important thing to consider for the best online gambling always comes with the success services and it’s termed. Every casino game is transparent in terms and conditions. So read the terms and approve appropriately. Because all the games differ from the terms and conditions. There is no hidden information is explained. The famous gaming is used well-known software for developing such casino games. However, find a reliable way of gaming and have fun more. 

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Play more for the real fun:

All casino games are providing fair play guaranty. Minimal deposit is availed for improving the best skill in casinos. The real money wagering is mostly invited this kind of casino games. The favourite card-based games are played very well in this casino. These games trending now in online. Then the gameplay offers more cash benefits. Also, games in gambling always make the best benefits. But the luck factor helps you more for getting the real fun. Winning cash benefits encourage more to play more. So, there is guaranteed offers are arranged quickly for best play. 

Game of skill in the casino:

Some games are followed by the gaming pattern. No skill is required in that type of games. But some needs more skill. So, select random number generation games which helps you a lot for the best money winning.  Then the luck will help you to earn more. The skill-based games are played by more players for improving knowledge. Such games are sports betting, rummy type card games. These games are also known as the game of skill. These games are responsible for adult players and where apps initially check the age of the player. Finally winning is based on the skills of the individual or team players. 


Big and Small Blind Strategy: When words are also important in poker

How important is play in the big and small blinds? A lot. So much so that it has created a long debate over the years. Between “ defensiveists ” and “ strikers ” Over the last decade, the literature dedicated to poker has also seen an increase in chapters and books dedicated to this delicate aspect.

From whatever point you look at the speech, one thing is certain: the play from the blinds does and will still talk a lot. David Bass has recently tried to give a clearer idea of ​​the situation. For those unfamiliar with him, Bass is a well-known cash game pro beyond the ocean and since 2012 he has started publishing articles and books on No Limit Hold’em .

The stars and stripes player in his latest article tries to shed some light on the game from the blinds and sets three goals for this particular strategy. Let’s see how.

Words are important

According to David Bass for too many years we have been used to putting up with incorrect terms about playing from the blinds. For example, the American emphasizes the term defend. “ Defending risks becoming something passive in the players’ heads. Defending is no longer folding , but for many it has become calling any two cards . If playing out of position is already somewhat problematic, let alone when we call from the big blind or with a marginal hand and without a specific plan for the post flop “.

So here’s Bass’s solution. Perhaps trivial for some, but very precise in its line. “ We must learn to replace the term defend with attack . Only then can we avoid falling into complete passivity and at the same time shake up our game. By attacking I obviously mean 3bet . 3bet is becoming more and more taboo from the blinds. But it is the best weapon in that situation. Obviously it should not be used randomly. We have to set ourselves three goals when we 3 bet “

The triple mission

According to David Bass, the first goal to be achieved with 3bet from the big blinds is to let the rival who raised. “ 3bet is synonymous with strength . Therefore, a play that somehow cannot go unnoticed, especially by those who have opened the game. The most classic situation is the raise from late position and a clear 3bet from the big blind : probably our opponent, in the absence of a real hand, will be forced to show the white flag. A 3bet from the blinds often gives us several chips , without having to play with the disadvantage of being out of position post flop ”. 

The second objective, for the American player, concerns having a strong hand . “ 3bet doesn’t always have to be done in white. Indeed, the more important our hand range is, the better it will be if our rival decides to call . We will have good reason to continue to bet in post flop : sometimes we will improve our hand, sometimes we will have on the flop projects. In short, 3bet yes, but with something important in hand. Attacking does not mean breaking down “. 

Finally, the third objective concerns the psychological aspect of the game. “ 3bet is synonymous with strength. But above all, it’s a kind of coded message to your rivals . 3betting also means not being willing to be trampled by your opponents and by 3betting you are sending out that very warning. You are not willing to let yourself eat the stack all the time. A message that will be received by the other players at the table ”.

Current crisis and the consequences for casinos

The current health crisis has been sweeping the world from China for several months now. We are inundated with information, both useful and unnecessary or even fake news. Many reputable magazines provide only half information. For example, they report how many people in total have been infected. However, that at least half of them have already been declared cured is not mentioned.

We therefore keep far from information about the virus that is now called SARS-CoV-2. But we are of course interested in the implications for online and brick-and-mortar casinos , and of course the consequences for the gambling world in general. So we cannot escape it completely.

Crisis situation and Chinese casinos

Casinos in China have obviously suffered the most under the emergency measures. They are still suffering, but the virus now seems to be on the wane.

Gambling is only allowed in Macau in China, and gambling is popular among Chinese. At the height of the current crisis, Macau casinos closed for 15 days. Thursday, February 20, 26 of the 41 casinos reopened. Unfortunately, the casinos did not immediately fill the public.

The Macau Gaming Supervision and Coordination Bureau regularly reports on the declining turnover. They report that in November 2019, total sales in Macau, compared to November 2018, decreased by about 2 billion patacas. That is approximately $ 200 million or 8.5% of sales in November 2018. In December 2019, sales were 13.7% lower than in December 2018.

After the casino shutdown for two weeks in February, gambling turnover in gambling capital Macau was even 88% less that month than a year earlier. In other words, sales were at 14% from February 2019, or 3.1 billion pacatas (also known as MOP $).

Are the numbers correct?

Figures seem hard and do not lie. It is pitiful, moreover, to blame for the downturns on the crisis. The huge drop in sales in February is of course due to the casino closure, the reopening of only part of the casinos, the closure of cities and the panic surrounding the virus.

But with the aforementioned declines, we must also include other information. Back in 2019, casinos in Macau were experiencing declines in revenue. While the problem was first officially discovered in Wuhan, a city about 1000 km from Macau as the crow flies, in December 2019.

Each month of 2019 showed a decrease compared to 2018. In April and August the decrease was 8.5%; the same high as the decrease mentioned above for November… one month before the outbreak. The decline that has already started did not suddenly stop in December. Roughly reasoning, you could say that the revenue impact of the lockdown in December 2019 is about 5.2% (13.7 minus the monthly decline of about 8.5). to be

There is more to it

It is clear that this decrease in 2019 is independent of the outbreak itself. Why then did the decline in the turnover of casinos come about in Macau, a region with an area the size of the town of Culemborg ? The government doesn’t know (yet). What they do know, or are actually doing, is to encourage gambling in Macau.

They have been doing that for a few years. Especially because they find it annoying that the wealthy Chinese gamblers left for Las Vegas with their money . The government is trying to keep those Chinese in their own country through promotions.

Las Vegas

Can you manage that? That cannot be answered just like that. Various casinos in Las Vegas have responded to developments in the market and in the world in recent years. That resulted in fluctuating sales. There was a decline in turnover in particular in the past year, but that did not necessarily mean that profits fell. For example, they implemented sustainable measures, such as the use of LED lamps, installation of solar panels, etc. As a result, costs decreased.

However, we only look at it here from China and the outbreak there. Chinese tourists, aggregated into Asians in some reports, made up about 6% of Las Vegas gamblers for a long time. That has already fallen by half in recent years.

However, not all Chinese tourists come from China. Many have lived in America for years, especially California. Even the trade boycott with China has no effect on them. That the boycott also left its mark in Las Vegas is, according to some research agencies, very clear.

Crisis in Las Vegas

What is the impact of the crisis situation on Las Vegas? The only answer is that more people are walking the streets of Las Vegas wearing face masks. It is more difficult to see the slight decrease in Chinese visitors. This happened in particular after the government limited air traffic to and from China due to the crisis that had arisen a few weeks ago.

Multiple US casinos, not just Las Vegas, report seeing a decline in revenue during the two weeks that Macau casinos were closed. You could see a connection there, albeit strange. However, it is too early to assess the overall impact of the outbreak on the gambling industry, and Las Vegas, according to business analysts in America. Because there are too many other factors that influence.

At most, you can reason the possible influence of the outbreak. Such as that gamblers stay at home because they do not want to run a risk of infection. Further restrictions on air traffic, also to and from other countries, will also have an effect. Especially since an important part of the turnover in Las Vegas comes from international premium customers, the so-called high rollers .

Fall in value of shares

The only thing where the outbreak is clearly affecting Wall Street. Due to the unfounded panic among investors, several gambling organizations saw their shares there fall sharply in value. The value of MGM Resorts even declined by 21% in the past month. But this casino juggernaut with stakes in Macau also suffered a data hack in addition to the outbreak.

Most of the major US gambling organizations also have interests in Macau. The activities there are often independently organized in holdings with shares on the Chinese stock exchange. Fall in value of casinos on that casino exchange would make sense. Still, declines in value and investor emotions do not differ much between Wall Street and the Chinese stock markets.

China and online gambling

Furthermore, there is not much more to report from the American gambling city. They have taken measures against the virus that are similar to the advice of the RIVM (wash hands, do not shake hands, stay at home if you have a cold, etc.).

We are going back to China. There, the government will scratch the head that it does not allow online casinos in the country. After all, all those people sitting at home could easily have engaged in online gambling and thus filling the Chinese treasury.

Video gaming during lockdown

Failing that, the quarantined Chinese have started video gaming online en masse. Some games saw their millions of audiences double. In January this already caused problems with the server capacity. The producer of the popular World of Warcraft had to apologize in February. Due to the huge increase in players, the waiting times had become unacceptable.

Other popular games experience the same problems. But there are also producers who see opportunities to win over new players. They offer free promotions, give temporary in-game extras or place free games on their gaming platform.

Interests in proportion

The largest gambling center in the world (3x as much turnover as Las Vegas) is recovering after a two-week shutdown. But on March 3, Macau had 10 infected residents. According to analysts, Macau runs a certain risk with this. After all, Macau is located in China, the epicenter of the outbreak, and it is the only city where gambling is allowed. And it is also an interesting source of income for the government.

Compare that to Las Vegas. It is a major gambling center, but not the only one. Many Las Vegas casinos are owned by large organizations that also have casinos elsewhere. A temporary outage in Las Vegas has only a limited impact on the organizations concerned and the US gambling tax income. In addition, there are hardly any infected persons in the United States.

Increasing number and scattered

However, in early February, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported the first US patients with infection. This gradually rose to 90 cases on March 2 and 164 a few days later. Most of the infections are, at the time of this writing, in the states of Washington and California. Other states have none or some.

Las Vegas at the southern tip of Nevada is close to the California border. The municipality is concerned. With the specter of Macau in mind, she looks at developments and advises casinos. She wants to prevent panic that keeps people away. On the other hand, she realizes that people can easily infect each other in the packed casinos and theaters. In addition, a potentially infected person from out of town can enter unnoticed.

That person could also be an employee who carries the virus. That happened at the Wildhorse Resort and Casino on a reservation in Salem, Oregon. The employee, who worked in the office and had no contact with gamblers, was soon identified as a patient. But that could not prevent more than 3000 people from having to be quarantined at home as a precaution. And that the reservation was closed and the casino closed.


The coverage of the outbreak consists mainly of describing isolated stories. Like the one above about the casino employee. A line can hardly be discovered and there are many uncertainties. For example, how many people are at home under the assumption that they have the flu, but nothing has been diagnosed with them. In all uncertainty, governments are turning to draconian measures. Only afterwards can it be determined whether those measures were indeed too strict.

It goes without saying that they cause economic damage to casinos and others. Businesses cannot make money at football matches without an audience, empty theaters, closed casinos, canceled flights and other things.

Furthermore, most serve their own interests. Investment advisers point to the rapid recovery of the stock markets after previous virus outbreaks; in other words: keep investing and don’t get scared. Doomsayers, on the other hand, predict that this outbreak is the announcement of a much more dangerous future virus. They do want to frighten you, in other words: join us and proclaim ‘the word of God’, ‘F * ck the system’ or whatever other purpose the doom thinker stands for.